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Big Gay Books

LGBT-centric literature reviews

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Literature featuring gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender characters isn't always easy to find, expecially if you don't live in a larger city and the local bookshop doesn't have a special section. There is however a wealth of excellent LGBT literature out there, some of which I've read and quite a lot I'm sure I haven't.

This community therefore is to help people find such literary works with ease and to get some idea of how good (or bad) they are. I hope it will highlight the best of the genre, allow poeple to debate whether there is or should be such a genre, and then insult me for trying to ghettoise literature.

Members should post their own reviews of books which are either LGBT themed or feature prominent LGBT characters. Which is a fairly subjective definition, but I'm sure that will make for some excellent discussion along the way. Reviews are all listed in the memories section by name of the author (of the book that is, not the review).

Please do post reviews of the more famous works (e.g. Tales of the City, A Boy's Own Story and so on) as well as the lesser known texts because there must be some people out there yet to read Maupin. Probably.

Novels, plays, poetry, short stories are all welcome. Go forth and review!

We also have a sister community, biggaymovies, which performs the same service for LGBT films.